Paris, here we come!

As you know, I’ve been in aww of Paris since I was a child. I’ve been in-love with a city I’ve never visited for so long, I feel like its been brewing in my blood for centuries. Well, its time to change all of that. A few days ago I booked my first trip to Paris! I couldn’t be more excited!!

When I began this blog, I had full intention of creating a blog that was relatable, fun, and useful to a variety of lifestyles. One topic I had high hopes for was traveling, which I haven’t fulfilled properly to date. So, I decided there is no better time to start than now.. and this year is going to be big for me. I have a milestone birthday coming this fall and, well, who wouldn’t want to celebrate in the City of Lights?! That’s exactly what we’re going to do. Girl’s trip!! You know you have amazing friends when you can call them up and say “Let’s go to Paris!” and they say “OKAY!”.. without hesitation! Feeling the love, people. The next step had my mind swirling. I have never actually planned a European vacation (outside of my head) and I wasn’t quite sure where to begin.

Traveling to a new country is intimidating. The language difference, foreign currency, tourists scams, hotel accommodations, finding the best neighborhood, etc.. the list goes on. Knowing that I have an extensive list of friends who have traveled more than me, I took to social media. Its awesome that one can put a request for recommendations in a foreign country and within seconds, your notifications are blowing up! With equal parts suggestions and pure elation for finally going to my beloved Paris, I was overwhelmed with messages of places to stay, the best airlines, what to pack, book suggestions, and more. Truly, I felt so loved that so many friends were excited for me to finally see my dream come true.

With all of the information gathered, I was able to find the best flight for our girl’s trip and get the vacation booked! We still have some details to work out, but for the most part we’re ready. What does one do six months in advance? Browse Pinterest, of course! It may seem a bit overzealous, but I’ve been studying etiquette, proper dress, how to call for a taxi, greetings, and how to avoid being scammed. Yes, as with anywhere, being scammed is always a possibility. Knowing what to look for and how to protect yourself as best as you can is key. So, that’s just what I did.

Here’s the lowdown on my trip planning so far..

If you know me, you know luxury vacations are not a “requirement” for me. I want to be in the city, as a true Parisian, not a tourist. I want to put myself in a time of writing a novel while sitting outside at a café with my morning coffee. I want to enjoy a cocktail , roam the city and stroll through the rain as though I belong there. I want to retrace the steps of Hemingway and the Fitzgerald’s, Gertrude Stein and Picasso. Place me in a time of wonder, a time of splendor, a time of fun. Let me admire the sites of the Seine while artists paint scenes from passersby.

I have been so filled with excitement since booking my trip that it’s lit a fire inside to see the world.. because now I realize that doing so doesn’t have to break the bank.

For this trip I’m not bringing my family.. I decided against it because its something I’ve wanted to do for so long that I needed to do this for me. To see the sites I want to see and not be limited to the things that are kid friendly. This trip is for me. Being that mom who doesn’t spend time away from the kids much, I knew it was time to venture out without them.. at least this once. When I told the kids what my plan was, they of course assumed they were coming along. I had to tell them “no, not this time, but next time for sure!!” It took a bit of convincing, but for now they seem to understand. I think the best way to combat any confusion or sadness about them not being part of this trip is to let them help plan the next one. I haven’t begun that yet because I have a little time before my trip comes around, but when it does.. game on!

I’m happy to say, I’ll really be able to fulfill my travel writing soon! Stay tuned as I’ll keep you all posted about this trip and any future plans!