Shooting star.

His eyes tell a story; of wonder and despair.  He is a soldier protecting your soul and a guardian of the night.  He feels your fear in his bones, yet he knows no end to the suffering you’ve bestowed.

He waits patiently for your command.  For his mission is to defend your honor, no matter the cost.   He knows no other life than the one he’s chosen.  He is the uniform that defends, protects and secures your future.

One day he’ll relive all the steps that made him this way.  It will be unforgiving and relentless; painful and ashamed.  He will be unable to regain his footing in a life so ordinary.  He has seen too much, felt too deep and hurt beyond repair.

He doesn’t seek understanding, yet desires compassion through your stares.  He can’t let you see his suffering, for he is stronger than he feels.  This life has beaten his core and bruised his mind.

What he doesn’t see is the beacon of light, purifier of freedom, and speaker for the mute that he has become for those unable to do so themselves.  He wears a coat of gratitude patched together by the hands that hold him up.  He is defended by the prayers sent to God to keep him safe; to lessen his burden.

His mind is delicate, its seen lives taken and brokenness darker than nightmares.

He is a son, a father, a brother.. yet most of all, a warrior.