I wanted to be there for you. To be a shoulder for you to grasp as you crumble to the floor. To be eyes for you to see the light.

I wanted to be all that you needed to make it through the day. To catch every tear you’ve shed in order to release the pain.

I wanted to be the ears that heard all of your fears so you’d no longer be afraid. To help you gather your broken pieces.. to make you whole again.

All I’ve ever wanted was for you to happy, yet happy was never enough. I bled for you. So much so that I have nothing left to give. Nothing left to be.

In helping you, I lost myself. I became a capsule of emptiness.

As you stand tall, I am swallowed into the Earth.

You can no longer feel the joy that I gave. You can no longer see the hope that I sacrificed.

Be who you are and let me go.