The Mama Chronicles: the unconventional mama

Who doesn’t hold this title in today’s society? I believe that the percentage of “traditional” parenting (as was when we were children or long before), has drastically changed to be perceived as, what, new age? Sure, the basic ideals of parenting are still in-tact, yet what each of us decide is acceptable varies drastically from one parent to the next.

I bring to you: vaccinations. I don’t bring this up to start a debate or ensue demeaning remarks, but to shed light on beliefs and understanding.  I am that mom; the one who doesn’t believe that injecting live viruses, harmful chemicals and carcinogens into my children’s tiny bodies is a good idea.  But, that’s just me.

There is a news coverage frenzy happening regarding the measles “outbreak”.  Allow me to start by saying this:  my heart goes out to anyone suffering from any illness, children and families.  But, if we take a hard look at the statistics regarding vaccination deaths and deaths related to the measles.. that’s where I begin to wonder just where the hype should be targeted, as compared to the news that is being bombarded to us daily.

There are different reasons for each parent to make the choices that they make, some scientific, some religious, and some personal choice.  I like to think of myself as a little of all.  I find the truth behind the science fascinating (not in a whimsical way, but educational) and enlightening, but the science I believe is the science that isn’t mainstream, isn’t popular.  I follow my instinct.  I follow what makes sense to me and my children.  I also find that the religious reasons for not vaccinating children to be equally interesting.  Just as personal choice.  Everyone has a stance; an opinion of what’s right or wrong.  I can not for one second condemn someone who does vaccinate, as I would hope that the same consideration is taken for those that choose otherwise.

When I was pregnant with my first-born, I made a very important decision to do absolutely everything as natural as possible.  I took care of my body  and growing baby holistically.  I took nothing lightly.. I researched absolutely everything.  If you’re a parent, you know how it is.. first-born.. you do everything with dedication, unease, and determination to make as few mistakes as possible.  When having the “talk” with my husband about my choice to skip vaccinations, among a few other things with our new baby, it took a lot for him to see where I was coming from.  I had to provide as much research as possible, confirming both sides of the discussion, to get him on-board with my plan.  After a bit of time to ponder the new information, he saw my point of view and then it was time to tell the new grandparents.  Lets just say that some were more accepting than others, but nonetheless, babies were born healthy and continue to be so many years later.

It all comes down to this (for me!)..  if you feel strongly in your gut that vaccinating or not is the best choice for your children, then do what you know is best.  I chose not to and I have two extremely healthy kids.  That’s not to say that they don’t get sick occasionally, yet in their years on this Earth their intake of antibiotics or other prescribed medication has been sparse.  Don’t get me wrong.. some people need assistance when it comes to medication and I am not knocking that!  I’m merely stating the position of myself and my children.

To go along with my previously stated choice, I believe that a healthy diet is insanely important in warding off illness.  The amount of processed foods consumed in the United States is astounding.. and not in a good way!  This country is one of the most unhealthy countries alive!  EEK.  What happened?  Why did making processed foods become the thing to do, instead of feeding your growing children fresh food?  So many diagnoses can be controlled with a lifestyle change and I firmly believe that if that took a stronger pitch on a radar (that was likely less profitable than these multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies), our bodies and those of our growing generations behind us would benefit greatly.  Isn’t that why you see the questions from your children’s pediatrician asking how many fruits/vegetables they consume daily?  Or what do the children drink?  Or how much physical activity do they partake in each day?  It all adds up.  These are all keys to living a healthy lifestyle and teaching our youth to be productive in making those choices.

To answer your question, yes.  Vaccinations and diet are related, in my opinion.  I do not claim to be an expert in either field, yet I do my research and make the best decision for my children in hopes to show them that the choices they make have a lasting effect.

To date our family has not been discriminated on based on these choices, yet I am saddened to hear of those that are.  In 2019, advancements in health and wellness have been made less important and overrun by profitable markets.  Our children are sick.  And to make things so much worse, there are kids without clean drinking water or food.  There are kids starving on our streets.  There are families torn apart for countless reasons.  Our world has changed.  Priorities have changed.  Well-being has taken a backseat to greed.  Nurturing one another is no longer of importance.

Maybe we all need understanding.  Love.  And as much compassion and empathy as you can muster.  Our kids need us..  vaccinated or not.. to make the best, most informed decisions for them.

Whatever your stance, I applaud you.