Big girl.

I’ve been hesitant to write this because once its written, sometimes it feels more real.   There is no denying the fact that our babies grow up.  All we can hope is that they grow into the amazing human beings that we know they can be.   When we begin creating families people from all corners of our world will tell us ‘don’t blink.. they grow up too fast’, yet no matter how many times we hear words such as this, we continue to roll with our lives.  If you’re like me, you somewhat take those words for granted.  Obviously, our kids are going to grow up and living every single day in the stresses and glories of parenthood, we oversee them much of the time.

Recently, my youngest woke up one morning and much to my surprise became a tiny adult.  Her spunky demeanor, sometimes foul-mouth (which we will attribute to her pirate heritage! HA!) and subtle girlishness has blossomed into a full-blown GIRL.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I am unsure how to proceed with such flash, sass and flare.  In a matter of days, she was requesting ear-piercing, a manicure, fluffy dresses and more!  I mean, really!  Ingrid has always been a girl, but even for her this is a new extreme.  Enjoying her play kitchen, baking sets, princess costumes and dolls, that is nothing new.  But make-up?!  C’mon!  Let me just add that my baby is still in the single digits of age!

Her birthday came so I obliged her requests.  Her ears were pierced, nails painted, fluffy dresses obtained and shopping to top off all needs.  Based on her smile that went on for miles, I’d say she was pleased, yet this mama is left to wonder what will come of the next several years.  If you know me, I’m not the mom that dresses my kids like little adults.  They play outside, not on electronic devices.  They have human friends, not strangers they’ve encountered online.  They are taught manners, to appreciate the wonders of a book, instead of a television show.  They have been taught “old school” values, not to be unappreciative or entitled, and that hard work creates positive results.  All of this to say, that I’ve been holding strong to keeping my kids as young as their age number allows.  Then to wake up to my baby girl wanting to be a big girl..  tears, I tell ya!

I like to think that sometimes I can influence her strong personality to be tamed, but as of recently, I’m learning that she is only doing what is inevitable.  She is growing up to be a beautiful soul inside and out.  Her sweet tendencies shine brilliantly through her devilish glares (most times!); her tender heart allows you to see how gentle she can be.  And to know that all of what makes her a baby is slowly coming to an end.  As much as acceptance is all I really have, its disheartening.  Time is playing a torturous game with my heart-strings.  I’d like to encapsulate all of the moments that make them who they are without the growing of age.  To keep my babies as such.  To forever see them as the moment they entered the world.  My babies.

Lesson learned.  Keep them as close to your heart as possible for too soon they will be on their own adventures.