Merely words.

She carried the heart of a wanderer, a soul for the past.  She never stayed where her mind was not at ease.  And by this, she knew it was time to move on.

Only she knew of her fate; that her story was nearly over.  She carried secrets with no intent to speak of, for she owed herself the legacy that she always dreamt of.  Her end was in sight.

Bags packed, unspoken truth.  Of belonging somewhere else.  She was following her destiny, a place she never knew, yet a calling she knew she needed to embark on.

She recalled moments of her life.. the ones where she longed for stability, yet feared becoming lost.  She longed for someone to say the words that would steal her away from running once again.

He stood there, speechless.  Motionless, she moved past him.  Her heart breaking with each step.  If only he had told her what had happened to him since they met.  How she had changed his perception of love, maybe she’d stay.

She couldn’t feel love.  She couldn’t allow herself to speak the words they both longed to hear.

She was independent, strong-willed, silly, sweet.. everything he needed for his sheltered, cold heart.  She was confusing.  Always confident that she knew what she wanted, her roads were a tangled mess of where she’d been and where she was going.

Time was passing.  She held on for one last moment before closing the door behind her.  The words she had longed to hear were never spoken.  He thought it was best to hold them dear to his heart, while her’s was breaking.

That night was their last.

He never asked her to stay.  He never told her how he felt.

Shortly after, she passed away.

She never knew that he was buried in grief the moment the door closed.  That his life never held the same flame as it did holding her close.  That the night she left was his last as well.