The cut deepened as I tried to succumb to the truth. I wasn’t prepared for what was happening, yet I was thrown into the fire. I never saw it coming; the realness of it all.

One day you awaken to what seems like a typical morning, only to realize your world has been shaken. Turned upside down. It wasn’t the loss of a lover. Or the sudden change in atmosphere. It was the realization that you knew all along.. that your calling isn’t about what you do, yet who you are.

The story that you spoke for years, bleeding words like rain drops makes sense now. You needed to hear yourself speak to feel what it meant to be you. To feel what others felt when they heard you. To see what others saw in your presence. You meant more than you ever realized. Your value was unparalleled to any other.

‘Now do you see it?’ he asked. The Universe created who you were meant to be long before you sheltered yourself in others opinions and ideals.

‘Now do you understand?’ he asked. He knew better than let you go.. to think you had it all figured out.

Your life had a plan. Blurried vision, a hardened heart and calloused skin couldn’t push him away. He held you in his arms until you were ready to soar.

You’ve grown, you’re ready. Set out into the world lighting your way with the sunshine beaming from your eyes. No chains can hold you down for you have freed yourself from any discontent.

Live free. Love wisely. Move forward.