Determining worth.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in regard to what is necessary in life and what is merely excess.  I truly believe that even though so much of what we possess is nice to have, is it a necessity for living?  I own a company.  One that is a fantastic business, great potential for the future and has been a wonderful learning experience for me.  I’ve learned a ton by building a business from the ground up, yet I don’t have a passion for the type of business that I own.  Then I think.. after all of the time and effort I’ve invested into building this company, what do I want out of it for my future..?

Several years ago I was part of a direct sales company.  The company was amazing.  They taught me so much about business, marketing, strategy and customer service.  I knew that one day those lessons would be a huge asset to my future, whatever it would become.  One thing I learned about myself in that business/ lifestyle was when to walk away.  When the passion for what I’m doing is no longer there, I need to decide what’s important.. push forward or follow my instincts.  With all of the knowledge I gained by selling jewelry for a company that someone else built, I also learned about Whys.  Having a Why, the sole reason for doing what you do/ the passionate drive to push past barriers, it allows your customer base to understand you and why you love your job.  You proudly invest your energy into your work and it shows.

Anyhow, this got me thinking.  I know I have what it takes to create, build, maintain any business that I decide to take on, yet I can only make it as successful as the enthusiasm inside me allows.  By not loving your job, you lose your zest for creativity; your drive to make the most of it.  So many years of our lives are wasted doing things just because (comfortable, financially equipped, fear, etc) that we suffer the consequences of boredom because we don’t want to invest in change.  I say ENOUGH!  As with everything in life, I’m tired of settling.  I’m tired of sitting back watching others live my dream life.  I’m exhausted from dreaming, yet not making the movement to make that dream come alive.

Thinking outside the box, I am at a point where I need to make some changes.  Daring ones.  Things totally outside my comfort zone.  But who knows, by embarking on the unknown, I may just be opening doors that I never expected or that could change my life or someone else’s.  The possibilities are endless and very exciting.

So, to get back to what this is all about.. its important to know your worth.  What you’re willing to settle for and what means enough to you to break down the walls that you’ve been hiding behind.  Go after what you want.  What’s the worst that can happen..  you can be told No.. then you formulate a different plan and keep moving forward.  There are way too many options these days to simply work and die.  You have to live the life you want.  The life you know you’re worthy of.  Nobody can hold you back except you.

I know you’ve heard about the people who quit their jobs and backpack across other countries.  If you’re life me you wonder how the hell did they do that?! I want in on this too!  Then you sit down, look at your financial situation, decide there’s no way you could do that, sulk back into your day job and forget about that exhilarating idea.  I’ve done it a million times.  But what I can’t forget about is the one thing I’ve always known I’d be..  a writer.  Then add a little spice to that.. a writer in Paris!  I’m going to get there.  Its taken much longer than I ever expected, but I’m not done yet.  I’m not giving on the one thing that has always been on my mind; the one dream that has always been there for me.  If it weren’t for this dream of mine, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  The people who know me best have kept me in-line when I’ve thought about giving that up for something a little less.  Do you remember me talking about a support system awhile back?  This is what I mean.  When your passion for life oozes out of your pores that the people who love you and support you won’t let you quit.  That’s the key.  Nothing can be done alone, so you might as well grab ahold of those dreams, the ones that just won’t quit, run with force into that barrier that keeps holding you back and get out of the mundane life you merely walk through to survive.  It’s so hard, I know.  When the idea for creating a business from scratch came up, I was petrified.  But I did the research, put in the work and created a company.  Yes, sometimes we lose our reasons for why we do the things we do, but nobody says change has to be scary.  Embrace it.  Take a deep breath and know that no matter how hard it may seem, once you’ve completed the task, you made it!  You have succeeded!  Then you continue to build more dreams from that.  Never stop dreaming and building the life you want.  Settling is overrated, and frankly, boring.

Be fearless and win at your own life.