Remember us.

I should’ve said goodbye. I should’ve done more to make you understand.

I couldn’t stand the sight of you watching me cry. I couldn’t think of never feeling you again.

I had to move on. I will never let this happen again. I will never love again.

I thought this was for fun. It was never supposed to be anything.

But now I know.. that I fell for you when I shouldn’t have. I let you in. I let my heart feel.

Please don’t wait for me. I won’t fall again. I am too afraid to love anyone else.

I would do anything for you. I would take back every word that hurt you. I would rise above to make sure that you were loved, yet I can’t be that person. I can not love you the way you deserve.

I am a tornado to your tender soul. I’ve crashed through this life lacking sincerity. I can not be the one to love you.

My dear, I will love you in secret. You will never know of my truest affection for I am more damaged than you will ever know.

Remember us. Hold us tightly. Let this be your guide to heal.

I’m sorry, love. I’m sorry for failing you.

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Clouded in the comfort of fibers surrounding her tired body, she lay still. Her mind was flooded with tasks that seemed trivial at the moment.