Blades of grass.

I want to see the constellations. Feel each blade of grass on my feet. Do all of the things I’ve never done.

I want to dance by moonlight. On a beach while the waves crash around us.

I want to wake up to see you there beside me. I want to live all the dreams that have occupied my mind.

I want to feel a flutter in my soul as you tell me you love me for the first time. While you stare affectionately into my eyes.

Let’s drive to an unknown destination and have a concert in the car.. windows down, wind blowing, and laughter pouring out between lyrics.

I want to touch your face when you least expect it. I want to wake early to see the sunrise across the mountain top.

I want to feel each raindrop on my face. I want to visit places most people only dream of.

I want to live life full of simplicity, beauty and wonder.