If it isn’t meant to be..

I can feel you all over me.  I can feel you breath on my neck, your hand holding mine, the closeness of your presence before I ever laid my eyes on you.  But you’re not here..

Why does it hurt when I think of you?

No one will ever know what happened in our minds.  The love story that began as a whim of chance that turned into a fairytale for the faint of heart.

A gift of friendship that will be forever cherished.  Silver lining with pearl essence the way the most beautiful cloak would be adored.  That is what you were to me.

Your fear overcame your senses, leading you away from me.  You said we’re not meant to be.  I tried to embrace your honesty, yet I can’t help but wonder why..

If it isn’t meant to be, why do you tremble when we touch?  Why do you feel saddened when I turn a harsh word to your confession?

Because it is.