Brain power.

So much of our time is spent playing reruns in our mind of the horrible could-be results of any decision we make. We lose sleep, stop eating, become cranky, whatever tragic mess you turn into when too much is occupying your head. Unfortunately, our heads and our hearts have a tantrum over who gets the newest issue to ponder over for hours, or even days. Haven’t we learned that this behavior doesn’t fix the problem, yet miraculously seems to magnify the heck out of it?! I mean, really, have you ever stressed so efficiently that it was a make or break in the outcome? Did it work for you?

Boy, do I need to listen to this! I might hold the crown for being unnerved, emotionally irrational, etc. If I think it’s a problem, or potential one, I promise you that I’ll be playing that event in my mind until the end of time. I can’t help it. The best part is when I allow all of that bottled up funkiness to ruin my day and I burst out on the people closest to me. Yeah, that’s the worst! I do this. A lot. Needless to say, I must turn myself around and apologise for being the big lump of balled up mess that just freaked out on whomever received my wrath. It’s the worst!

Ya know, I’m not the best. At anything. I’ll never attempt my fate at perfection, yet I can undeniably be the one who has the craziest life ideas and plans to make tomorrow better somehow. I do a ton of thinking. Sadly, my thinking stomps my doing some days, but with practice on rerouting my energy to do better and think healthier I’ll get there.

You can too. There is no rule book for this life. We just have to live it. Preferably as happy as possible. I’m not saying throw on a fake smile to impress the world.. I’m saying genuinely happy. Enjoying each sunrise that you’ve seen, adoring those little faces that greet you at the butt crack of dawn, indulging in your morning coffee before anyone else rises. Whatever gives us googly eyes to be alive. Of all things, I can promise you that bottled up emotion is not it.

A while ago I read about the importance of telling people how you feel. Like delicate brutal honesty. Speak the absolute truth without coating that stuff in sugar, but don’t be mean. This is important. We never know how long we have in this life so why not make the most of it.

I’ve started practicing this habit. It hasn’t always gotten the best response, but I always feel more free once I’ve said my peace. I don’t tell people what they want to hear, yet I think we all know how to filter out mouths to be polite and get our point across, right? By telling people how you feel, you open a door for them to be comfortable telling you something personal as well. Lets be hypothetical for a moment.. say you tell someone you love them. Someone who you’ve never spoken those three words to. What if you just reassured them that their fear of being unlovable isn’t that at all. And they reciprocated that feeling! You won! Clearly, it could have an adverse effect, but wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you shared a deep part of your heart with the person who captured it in the first place? All I’m saying is speak your truth. We all have it. But most of us are afraid of the repercussions that we keep our mouths shut. Only keep your mouth shut if you have nothing nice to say. Brighten someone else’s day. You have no idea what’ll be on the other side if you don’t give it a chance.

It’s one less item taking up space in your brain, right? We need to communicate. Good or bad. No reconciliation will ever come if we don’t speak.

I’ve learned this the hard way. Words aren’t always easy to say, so I write mine. But I get it out of my mind.

Try it. Being true to you is a step towards sincerely being the happiest you.


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