Without her.

Never a time has come that I could imagine my life without her.

Her spontaneity bring virtue to my soul and light to my darkest days.

She is sprightly, fierce and electric. Her strength is unmatched; her will unapologetic.

She came into my life on a whim, unaware of her beauty, she rises to every challenge.

She is my child. She is my blood. She bares a remarkable heart.

Brilliant in essence. Sparkling with personality.

To know her is to love her. To fear her is your loss. She is simple and complex. Tiring, yet rewarding.

She is composed of love and shares it with others in a single smile.

Born unique in her own right, she will never allow to be overshadowed. Demanding to be herself, she will conquer far more than ever expected.

She is my child.

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  1. ksbeth on January 19, 2019 at 12:19 pm