“What happens now?” he asked.  He stares into the night sky, unable to look at her.

“I leave.” she replies.  Knowing that the brutal honesty is crushing to him, yet she’s unable to stay.

“Will you come back? Is this the end?”  He feels compelled to ask, knowing the answer.

“I leave.”  She said again.  “I can’t promise that I’ll return, but know that I will follow fate.”

He turns his face toward hers.  Shoulders back, tension in his spine, he holds himself strong.  Gently he hugs her.

She looks at his face then turns to the door.  Composure held tight until she reaches the outside.  On either side of the door their hands held closely to the grain.

She wrote of him in stories.  Telling the tale of a boy who loved a girl.  A girl who simply wanted solitude and a boy who desperately wanted to be loved.

Happily ever after they remain, independent from any dialogue written for their time.