Her chest was heavy, her skin pale.

Tears trickle down her cheeks as the door closes.

Forevermore, she will remain humbled.

Spoken truth cuts like a razor, freeing her from the life she had lived.

She knew her worth was greater than he could provide.

She apologized for her behavior. She knew she could never be who he needed her to be.

She ran away from him. Long before they said goodbye.

Her heart had torn the moment she realized her dreams would never come to fruition.

Her soul fled her body. Torn, tattered and bleeding.

She was left lifeless, continuing each day through memory of who she once was.

Breath deep. She walks into a new life. Alone and afraid, she moved fluidly through every challenge and change.

Brushing away the tears, she knows her life has been waiting for her.

She begins.

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