breaking it down.

You know I can write fiction all day long, but how do you go from doing what you’re absolutely passionate about to being paid to do what you’re passionate about?  That is the question of the century!  I am on a mission to figure this one out for all of us.  It’s not just about making the money (don’t get me wrong.. money pays the bills and frees the mind!), but living the life you’ve always dreamed of.  Now, I am by no means a life coach, I mean, really.. I need one myself!  But like I said last night, we all need that kick to regain our footing in the grand scheme of dreams and goals and I am on fire to make significant progress this year.  I could tell you that I have a plan, but in reality, I’m totally winging it, filled with faith and working that manifestation technique that I keep reading about.

I need to plug the book I recently finished that changed everything for me.  Author Jen Sincero’s ‘You are a Badass at Making Money’ is life altering.  When I tell you that this book made more of an impact on my thinking than any book to date, I’m not kidding.  It was the kick in the gut that I needed to move past all of the fear that I was hoarding inside.  I didn’t just read it, I felt it.  I held onto her words like they helped me breathe.

Here’s what I learned from the book mentioned, as well as re-evaluating myself.  When we love who we are, know that all of our being is being used in the most beneficial way to boost our lives in order to fulfill our goals, we’re already moving in the right direction.  Baby steps can seem like the longest agonizing process ever, yet demanding instant results brings out frustration, let down and settling.  Nobody wants any of that so, do yourself a favor and learn patience.  THIS is something I need the most practice on.  I am that person, the one who wants everything right now.. a return call or text, an instant answer, immediate everything.  As I’m learning a new way to process everything (and unplug all of the hardwired insanity that we’ve grown accustomed to), I see that what I think should be mine right now most likely wasn’t fueled by passion.  Its fueled by my need for instant gratification and desire to move much faster than the Universe is ready for me to do.  Patience.

I don’t have all of the answers.  I don’t know how to create the manuscript that I’ve been desiring to be completed for years, yet I do know that I have a long road ahead of me and I’m ready.

So, if you know the answer to my burning questions.. how do I move forward to become the successful writer that I’ve been talking to you about for the past SIX years, let me know!  Its time that I break down the walls of ‘I can do this myself’ to ‘Okay, I’m going to put myself out there with faith that someone knows what I don’t’.  The walls of fear and excuses that I’ve been hiding behind for years are coming down!

If you want to know the steps that I’m taking to change my life, just ask!  There is no secret, just a different mindset.  And let me tell you.. I’m loving every minute of it.