I waited by the dock. Watched every passing light in search of a sign. I knew that if I waited long enough I’d find my path. The waves crashed against the planks of wood with such vengeance. I believe the water is searching for truth just like me. Long ago I read that there is honesty in the night sky. When the clouds open themselves to bare the essence of the stars that one can find their purpose.

Here I am, waiting. The Earth has told me a story of belonging. Where my feet stand on crumbled dirt I will become whole. Fire has shown me that the burning desires of my mind cannot compare to the throbbing of the heart. Once broken, only fire can reignite a lost soul.

I’ve seen the depth of the world through pages in books. I’ve heard it’s cries in the air surrounding me. I breathe in the sorrow. The taste of silver lingers on my tongue as I’m patiently waiting for the stars to absorb into the sea. A smell of timber reaches my senses; I reach out to feel it so near. Confident that I’ve lost all that I once was, I am desperate to regain my footing in a life that only I can fulfill.

Shamefully, I’ve spent much of my time looking for peace among others. Only to find that what I’ve longed for was inside myself. Become whole again and I will be free. I set myself aside to be the ears of those crying, the eyes of those too sad to see and the arms of those needing held. Drained in the years, I do not recognize who I am.

I step closer to the edge of the dock to allow the water to touch my skin. It reminds me to feel alive again. To take a deep breath and marvel at the beauty surrounding my future. I will be one again. I will be whole. And I will be the happiest version of myself that this world has ever seen.