Morning clouds cover the windows. Draped in gloom, I can barely pull myself to face the day. You regain a presence in my mind, no matter how desperately I try to forget. I want to allow the darkness to overrun my day.

Standing here I look out at the world, I recall the words that you once said. How I made you feel at ease and genuinely happy. I can’t help but feel that your words are as empty as my heart. Broken, bruised and as dark as night. No true sentiment ever came from lips. Yet the actions in which you chose made all the difference.

There is no wonder why I can not bare to say your name. Why I long for my bones to become brittle and shatter. How could one so right become a tragic ending to our story. One day I will awaken to see that my intensity was overwhelming for such a scorned soul like yours. I will know that it wasn’t you that couldn’t love me, yet the scars that you wear proudly to shield yourself from all the love that I had to offer. Perhaps, one day you feel how I feel when someone opens the essence of their soul only to be slammed shut by the cruel, heartless kind.

No longer can I chase after someone who has locked the door to his heart. Exhausted, I’ll stay until the day you disappear from my eyes. I need you to go. To leave me you will harden my core, but to stay you will destroy all that I have become.

Let the clouds cover me.