I’ve spoken your name countless times. I see you from afar and wonder how you’ve stood still for so long. Your eyes are gray, tattered and bruised. Years of dread still speak volumes from your gaze. A hole was torn through your soul, not to bare your truth, yet to burden your dreams.

I long for you to come to me. Arms open I stand. Few words need spoken for your fear holds tight against the chains of your heart. A darkness looms over you as you wait for a light to pierce your skin, revealing the long-awaited end to your suffering. Everything about you beats rhythms in my veins. Your tender kiss, the weightlessness of your tread, the whispers in the night sky. Clouds of smoke circle your madness as you conceal the damage of forgotten days.

Days turn to months. I impatiently wait to see your eyes turn the color of oceans. Deepest blue crystal with a shimmer of hope. Allow me to see the broken pieces that you carry. Share the weight of mountains in which your shoulders have fallen beneath. Rest your head on me for I can be your strength. Fall to unknown depths of my being and free yourself the pain of your past.

I’ll shelter you in the days to come. Release your whisper to the stars and be free.