Tell me.

Tell me your darkest secret. Tell me of the days in which your want to forget. Your most painful of heartbreak. What you’ve hoped to speak of without an ounce of fear. Those are the words needing to be spoken. Tell me of the days you long to hold near.

In your voice, speak truths that no one could ever imagine you’d speak. Tell them of the love lost. Allow me to see the tears that you carry trying to forget the one that got away. Of the moments in your youth, broken bones and scars. Tell me of the scary times that made you who you are today. Decisions you made in the darkest of mind. Tell me how you woke up only to realize you couldn’t breathe another breath. The scariest moment of your tenth birthday. Or the moment you knew love.

Scream until your lungs feel like bursting. Shout until you feel blood flowing in your veins once again. Let me see who you are now that you’re free. Free from the sadness.

Don’t be afraid any longer for the ones who love you will hold you tight.