Each night I close my eyes hoping to fall asleep. All I see is you. I hear your voice. I feel your touch. Your whispers cover my skin like silk. I desperately try to wake up to remind myself that you’re gone. Relentlessly, you’re still there.

The morning sun bleeds through my window pane. The vision of you still burning in my thoughts. I have relinquished the feeling I have for you. Your heart held mine with delicate strings. I can’t catch my breath. I drift away knowing you will not catch my fall, yet missing you all the more.

My bones are tender under the weight in which you hold me. Your blank stares shows no remorse and the coldness surrounding your eyes tells such truth. Our love ended long before my heart got the message. I long for more of you. To the naked mind I am delusional in love, but what they don’t know is that I’m drowning in my sorrow.

My days turn darker with each waking eye. I feel you fading away. Our story has burned to embers that will never breathe life again. You were worth a thousand stars in the sky. I would have given anything for you. I did.

In the end I lost myself, waiting and hoping.