One day.

One day, long from now, I’ll look back on this day to remember the way it felt to love you. I’ll remember all of the laughs, the fun and the butterflies I felt each time our eyes connected. I’ll sing our song a million times in my mind as if you’re here with me. And I’ll remember the hurt I felt when you said goodbye.

I’ll continue to look back. I’ll always look for you in a crowd, hoping to see you once more. I can feel your fingers intertwined with mine. And I remember the way you said my name.. as you said it the last time.

One day I’ll move on. I’ll pick up the pieces of my heart that I’ve neglected for so long. One day I’ll see you, our eyes will meet and passion will reignite. We’ll envision ourselves happy as we once were. And one day we’ll take ourselves back to where we met. You’ll feel like home again. I’ll curl up next to you as you whisper the long-awaited words of hope.

One day I’ll stop daydreaming of you.