I remember the way you looked at me. I remember the first time you held my hand. I remember the day you said you loved me for the first time.

I read our letters and risk loving you all over again. I had hoped that each passing day would bring me to closer to forgetting you, but all I do is love you more. I replay our conversations in my mind, even the ones that lead to the piercing pain in my heart.

I don’t know why destiny has chosen you to torment me. My mistakes have been revealed and my soul has been burned. I cannot take back what I did to you, yet I have been breathless far too long. I long for you to come back. To hold what we had as close to you as I hold you in my memories. Without you, I cannot free this feeling of being lost; of waiting continuously.

Turn the page so that I can move on. If you return, our chapter will begin again. But if you chose otherwise, please release me for your story so that I can rewrite mine.