It’s BLOG day!

Hey, hey! It’s been awhile and I have a ton to talk about. As much as I’d love to beam you with sultry fiction, today I have to be real. My life is in some kind of upward spin that I just can’t keep it to myself. So here goes!

I started a company. A real, legit company. I work from home (which, with kids means I diligently TRY to get work done) so that I can be available for the kids’ schedule because, let’s be real.. I’m not a 9 to 5 person. I work best in the comfort of my own time and space (now laugh.. because I have KIDS!!!). But I’m working it. To make this new job venture more interesting, the kids are about to be home for summer break. Now you can laugh. Yes, it is quite hysterical to think that I’ll actually get something accomplished, but I’m giving it my all.

I’m writing.. I have to. It’s in my blood! There is no way I could breathe through a day without creating written passage (good or bad) to conquer with paper and pen. The novel that I started a year ago is consumed with dust, but give me time. That dream will be achieved some day. Baby steps, right?!

The kids. Oh, the kids. Love them dearly, but let me break down how they’ve handled life recently. Oh.. they haven’t. We cry, we melt, we scream, we cry again, we whine. I think that about covers it. Brixton will be moving on to first grade and Ingrid is heading to kindergarten (gasp!!). They are exuberantly happy to be six and five, full of life and the summer ahead of them. Did I mention that I’ll be working from my home office all summer long with them here?! This should be fun. Feel the sarcasm, people! Back to the kids. Yes, we have a summer of fun planned. No exciting trips until late September, but that won’t keep us from enjoying the sunshine.

Okay, let’s see.. as for me. I’m changing. Evolving, if you will. I feel a fire inside that doesn’t want to be tamed. It wants to roar. All of those dreams and ambition that I’ve talked about for so long.. I’m done talking. Words can only take me so far. It’s the actions that change lives. So, here goes. Changes are occurring and although it’s scary, I’m ready! I’ve followed, I’ve listened and I’ve dreamed from afar. Now it’s time to live the life I’ve always thought I would. Every morning when I wake, I feel the passion of what I’ve been dreaming of. I feel the need to burst through my comfort zone and take the risk. For starters, I knew nothing about the company I started. Sounds crazy, I know. I was presented with an idea, given some insight as to what it would take and I ran with it. Now I’m officially a business owner and working towards all I’ve ever wanted (and it’s not all about material possessions).

So, there’s the rundown of my recent changes. I’ll be back soon to create, update and create. Life is calling and my mind is reeling to live it.


  1. mama explorer on June 26, 2018 at 1:32 pm

    Thank you!!!

  2. ksbeth on May 25, 2018 at 8:27 am

    Good to see you and congrats 🎊