I want you to remember me. Remember how I touched your lips ever so softly. How I gently caressed your face when I couldn’t find the words to speak. The way I held you close every chance I had.

I want you to remember how I smell. The way I liked to surprise you with your favorite things. How you made me laugh to tears more than anyone ever could.

I want you to remember the way our hands fit perfectly together tucked inside your pocket. How walking in silence was so exhilarating.

Remember the ways you said you loved me without using those three words. Remember every butterfly you felt when we were next to one another.

I’ll never forget these things and the ways you changed my life. I’ll cherish them forever. I never imagined that you would light a fire inside me that refused to cease, yet here I am.. still hoping. Still dreaming. Still wondering if you think of me as I do you.

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