Your words.

You said all the right words. You knew how to caress my heart without using your hands. The simplest way you brushed past me, awoken every inch of my skin. You were inspiring. You were a dream. You were the one I never saw coming.

When I rise, it’s to see you. Hearing your voice makes my darkest day shine with lovely brilliance. You step closer to me, just to hold me close. This is what I’ve waited for. Every wrong decision has led me to you. I do not deserve such softness, for you are far more of a desire than my reality. You long to stay by my side, for better or worse, and I don’t understand why. I have wronged this life in countless ways, I’m unsure I can please you beyond recognition.

You have made my dreams your priority, which is something I have yet to experience. They have lived in my head for so long, without a peak of daylight. You have given me chills with the way you plan our future. My life has been a back seat to so many others, I do not know how to respond to your advances. But you’ve caught me. You’ve gained my attention so that I cannot look away. Do you sincerely seek to please my life’s desire or are you simply speaking words without action? This is not a recognizable feat in my book of stories. If your light is as stable as you seem, come closer to me. Look into my emerald eyes that seek your truest intentions.

I believe in the power of feeling. You have made your home in me so that I may bloom in you. As a fragrant blossom desires the love of an admiring soul, I too, am that flower. I have walked thousands of steps in order to find my place among the weeds, yet you will not allow such beauty to be hidden. With your gentle touch I can be who I was born to be. Free and luminous. I have a new breath pouring from my lungs like never before. You are to credit for my new home, my new life, my long-awaited happiness.

With you by my side, I shall soar.