Dear Fate.

Dearest Fate,

I have seen you enter this life as beautiful sunshine. I felt you leave as a hurricane destined to destroy me. What you failed to notice was the way I watched you from my quiet corner, admiring your grace. Your delicate touch on my skin resembled the way you embraced my soul. Soft and true, quick and relentless. I’ve been restless for you for so long, that I don’t see an end in sight.

Did you know that I still see you in my dreams? I remember all of the ways you made me laugh out loud with tears streaming down my face. I can still feel you standing behind me dancing ever so slightly. You felt like home in a way that no one has ever felt. You brought fire back into my life, reminding me that I can conquer the world! These are things I had buried for years because they didn’t fit into a mold the world had created for me. Yet you brought me back to life.

I long for you to return to me. Words left unsaid and emotions that need explained. You were home. You were the comfort that I never imagined that I needed. The softness of your spirit had a warm glow in which I had never experienced.

All of this to say one simple thing..

I miss you.