His silence resonates through me like a tornado. He toys with my existence as if I were a puppet. The fear that consumes him inspires me to keep moving. He doesn’t know it now, but one day he’ll soar. Past the brokenness of his memories towards a sea of hope and love. Every day she fills his pages with stories he’s never heard.

Her song lands on fallen leaves as he denies her words. The brisk sky soaks in the whispers that echo through the night. She dreams of the days he would playfully dance in the kitchen. The times he would lovingly kiss her forehead as she sank into his chest. Moments of bliss that seemed like a fantasy. Their pure happiness that could not be compared to anything ever felt before.. like a fairytale they’d read as children.

Reluctantly, he faded to the words of cruel intention. He could no longer seem to follow his heart. Direction was lost as he embarked on a comfort that was no longer suitable for his timid soul. His strings were tangled in a web of passion and despair. Torn between two halves of himself, he fell to the feet of those who craved his security. He was lost.

She needed nothing, but joy. Her thoughts grew tired of the weariness that surrounded her eyes. Feeling his distance, she knew the end was near. Never to return to her grasp, his seemingly once embellished spirit was now a sense of pain. Without speaking, she felt him breaking before her. Throwing every measure to rescue him from the depths, his hands slip away.

Their story is one that will live on in their hearts. For every story is not to be written among the stars, yet it can be felt wherever they are.