In a moment.

With flushed cheeks she felt his hands caress her neck. He gently pulled her to him. Their eyes met and she knew. His soul pierced hers as if she’d never felt such love before. His kiss made her bones tremble.

Full of butterflies and giddiness, she was astounded by the sensation of hope he had brought home. Her darkness had faded into peach clouds of serenity. Light on her feet she danced inside her mind. This is what she had waited for. An experience she never knew she needed, yet changed every fiber of her being. Freed from the chains of strength that she could not longer bare, swirling in compassion she had never known.

His promise was strong. It brought longing to her for a life she eagerly awaits. Fulfilling her dreams in a way no one had even attempted, she knew his word was truth. She did all she knew how. She cried in fear that her darkness would overwhelm his senses and he would flee. He held her tight to assure her that he was her last love.

His passing tore through her like a fire enraged in a forest. She could no longer cry his name for fear that he would vanish from her memories. Each day she veiled her life as if he never existed to anyone else. He belonged to her. Two souls that fit perfectly together, yet never had the chance to blossom. She felt his presence in her veins; she heard his words in her thoughts. Never a moment since has she lived without him, for she was home.