A handful of stars.

As a child, she dreamt of a life full of words.  Inspiration sparked her blood as a match to wick.  Quickly she learned that life had a strange sense of humor and her dreams would be redirected.  Emotions flood her mind to the point of near drowning.  Never was she prepared for the intensity that she felt in his arms.

Their meeting was unplanned, much like their infatuation.  Hearts pounded, blood boiled and eyes locked.  She had an old soul; a soul that was unfit for intimacy.  Sincerity never struck her to her core.  She was cold.  He would spark a fire to warm her, yet her chill never ceased.  The dreams took over her thoughts, clouded her vision and created destruction among their lives.  He loved her so, but her words were mute.  She was frightened by the idea of love.  She cringed at the idea of being loved.  Worthy of his love, she never felt.

Shortly after they took flight into the unknown, she began to panic.  Had she stepped into a world of mystery in which she had not predicted.  With frayed nerves and tender emotions, she could feel a knot build in her stomach.  His eyes told her a story.  One in which he would cherish her forever, yet she couldn’t bring herself to break down the wall surrounding her.  Hopes and dreams confined her to a box.  Such a small box it was.  Never before had she felt a connection such as his.  She did the only thing she knew to do.  She wrote of him.  She penned pages depicting his brilliance.  She drew an image with words that best described his intensity.  One could envision her thoughts by scrolling her designation.  The hair that brushed against his forehead, the glisten to his eyes when she entered his view and the crevice of his arms that longed to hold her tightly.  Oh, how he admired her willingness to strive, yet drained at the thought of her disappearance.  He knew she could never belong in his heart, for she was a blackened soul.  Her life remained in a different time.  Although she never felt as she belonged any one place, she was deserving of tenderness.  There was no man whom she wholeheartedly loved, but him.. he was striking.  He played a hymn that only she could hear, a song meant for her.  That glimmer of hope in his eyes was for her.  She felt it in her spine.  She knew deep within her core that he would never falter.  Chills encapsulated her body.  As each second passed, she knew the meaning of it all.

She gathered her thoughts and her belongings.  He would be in danger of her mind.  She was safest alone.  Heart in throat, she walked away.

Farewell to you, she thought.  Good riddance to us, she cried.  Footprints faded as she turned to dust as the wind blew her away.