Tears fell.

The day she walked away, she felt an absence in her soul.  Her face flushed with the idea that he would long for her.  She imagined that he would ask her to stay; to confess his love for her.  Making the decision to go was more heart wrenching than she had imagined.

Her options were small, as she had no place that felt like home.  He felt like home.  For he was not supposed to happen, she could bear no more cracks in her heart.  Tears fell as she drifted off.  Her train would be approaching as her final farewell came forward.  The blood in her veins was warm.  She knew this would be their last encounter.  Would he kiss her in a last effort to make her stay?  Would he hold her close to smell the scent of lavender on her skin one last time?  As she walked closer, he grabbed her hand.  Pulling her forward, she felt a flutter of hope in her gut.  Gently he kissed her forehead, held her hand then walked away.  Back turned, he could not face her again.  He never wanted her to see his hurt.  He didn’t want her to know of the tears shed for her.

Lacking any sense of belonging, she felt an overwhelming sadness.  Had she just left the one person who had touched her soul in a way that had never been done before?  She feared this was the biggest mistake of her young life.  Knowing that he would find love again, she drained all emotion from her mind to move beyond the reason she ran away.  Tomorrow would be full of adventure and joy.  Transparency gleamed truth behind her story.  She felt love, she needed love and she needed him.  Running from the recently boarded train, hopes of reaching him flooded her body.

On a bench he sat.  He promised he would wait for her.  He dreaded this day so much that he feared leaving the station would bring reality of her absence.  Slowly she approached the bench, gently touching his shoulder.  Eyes full of tears, he looked at her in disbelief.  She had returned!  She felt their connection was far more amazing than any other in the world.

Love was strong. Unscripted and unnecessary.  They had something they never bargained for, yet was too precious to let go of.  Together they flourished for many years.  They dreamt together, they lived happily together and the felt pain together.  Yet together was all they needed to survive.