A letter.

She wrote with her soul, pouring words that spilled from her flesh.  Each letter written in crimson.  For once she had the nerve to break free from the cage that encapsulated her heart.  And so the letter said..

My dearest love:.                                                 The day has come for me to let you go.  For me to allow my wings to expand and fly to a new horizon.  One in which you will not be joining.  This adventure I must take alone.  Our love has spawned a tree of lust, feverish adolescent behavior and made my heart skip a beat.  The moment I saw you, I knew you’d change my life.  I felt in my bones that you were extraordinary.. a love that couldn’t compare, yet a mind full of wonder.  Our togetherness has expired.  I bid you farewell in an attempt to regain my footing.  I flee this place to follow my dreams, which cannot be done alongside such passion.  You see, my dear, your love could not contain the fire that I have inside.  I must go.

~With deepest love.

For the stars had aligned long enough for her to gather her strength to leave.  Bag in hand and fuel in her veins, she told herself that this was best.  Her letter would await his return.  As tears were shed, she could feel the creaking in her bones that strangled her to stay.  Every step toward a new life made her stomach twinge.  Would she drop everything to stay with her true love or follow her dreams?  In an attempt to decipher her will, she ran.  As fast as her legs would move, she struggled, she cried.

She left the letter on the table.  He would read it and he would weep.  He would wonder why she had let their love grow to such passion without mind to stay.  He knew of her desires, yet he prayed she would stay.

All that made her whole didn’t exist in another being.  Her world was drawn to words.  She expressed herself far better in writing than that of spoken words.  She never understood her heart, as her mind often played tricks to keep her out of harm.  Too fragile for the outside, she best remain hidden from all of love’s damaging ways.

Tomorrow may read a different poem, but tonight..  tonight she is as sure as she can be.  She escapes the reality to follow her destiny.. alone.

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  1. ksbeth on December 16, 2017 at 11:15 pm

    wonderful poem