With the purest heart and the saddest mind, he lightly caresses the sand.  He gently glides toward the water holding his breath with each step.  His heart is full of wonder.  Unsure of where he belongs, he’s overwhelmed by the sense of passion for another.  He sees her roaming through the grass without a care.  He wonders why she can’t be his.  Each passing day his intensity pours out of his skin.  His smile has led her toward him before, yet this day has shown a unique perspective.

She feels his sorrow.  Shielding him from loves cold blast, she remained distant.  Her intentions were sincere and her heart sank for him.  Her lust never ceased to amaze him, yet her fire has smoldered.  What they had could be perfect.  What they wanted was life; amused and sensual.  Time stood still.  He willingly waited for her.

They we’re never meant to be.  Their hurt was shielded by their laughter, which made them feel like children.  Could this be what true love is?  She had never felt love before.  She feared that this feeling would fade.  Her distant grew as the pain in her chest overcame her.  She would admire safely inside.  His heart deserved snow covered mountains and a life of wonder..  something she could not give.  Inward she would reside.

Each morning he waits.  Hoping for a glimpse of her still remains.  Years pass, yet she has disappeared from his life forever.