There is passion in her heart and thunder in her mind.

She sees nothing for what it is, yet beauty surrounds her darkness.

Every breath is painful as she entered the room.  The stare, the whisper and the hurt.  All of the hurt pounds between her ears.

She speaks fire and regrets nothing.  Intensity pours from her veins.

His love crushed her senses.  What she once felt was now a distant memory.  Her soul rest among the dirt.  He left her in ashes, to remain a mystery.

She asked for his hand, he gave her his heart.  Together they remembered all of the reasons why the clouds swept them away.  Why the feelings overwhelmed them, a whirlwind of passion they never saw coming.

He feared for himself.  He knew her love would never be enough to mend his shattered pieces.  He kissed her once more as she closed her eyes under the night sky.

She awoke alone.  Never did she feel his disconnect.  Never did she know love like his.  She feels a void growing as she continues.

Their paths never cross.  For once he disappeared from her life, she remained in the darkness forever.