Walking through the night.

She is what others dream of.  Her beauty radiates like the moon at night.  Eyes that resemble emeralds and lips of the softest silk.  There are no limits for someone of such elegance.

Glistening rain drops build character around her face.  What others do not see are the broken pieces that are held together by a smile.  Her mind is filled with curiosity and confusion.  She understands that tomorrow is a gift and that yesterday is a pleasant memory.  She closes her eyes to remember his touch.  His skin smelled of musk and tobacco with a hint of creamy vanilla.  She could see the passion in his face without even a whisper.  She is what dreams are made of, yet she will never allow such closeness.  Wrapped in black cloth, she sits lovingly and patiently.  She waits.

They see her pass, wondering how such a beautiful creature walks among them, yet her enchantment feels dim.  The lights shine down, casting a shadow on her bones.  Visualizing her love to be his own, he cannot break his gaze.  Their connection is one that cannot be undone.  Somehow, somewhere their paths crossed in the most unexpected way, only to draw them into a world of underestimated attraction.  The bond formed was something that neither had predicted, nor could they break.

For years they loved uncontrollably.  Her beauty never faltered and his love continued to grow.  From the outside world, they seemed like an unlikely duo.  The pair marveled at such ridiculousness because they knew of such truths.  No two people were meant to be the same and no two loves would compare to theirs.  Simplicity kept their hearts burning for one another.  Distance remained their enemy.  As each day passed, she felt distracted by his absence.  Morning tea would never be what it once was.  Their quaint chat before sunrise was soon just reminiscing.

She knew this day would come.  The day that spoke volumes to her heart and brought closure to her fear.  Always believing that his love would fade no matter how powerful her beauty was, she fell.  The woman who had been unreachable to all fell victim to one who held her soul as a prisoner.  He never knew of such longing, for he never knew her name.  The woman of bewitching eyes was merely a dream.

He never knew her name because she never truly existed.  Her presence was the mirage the world needed to feel affection once again.