Stars on canvas.

Have you ever stared at the stars wondering which one was created for you?  You can feel it in your core that someone somewhere wished upon that star for you to be theirs.  Without knowing who that person is, tears roll down your cheek.  You have one chance.  One chance to make this right.  One chance to make the most out of this life.  You know your chance is gone.

Sitting on the damp grass, imagining what you would’ve been, had you only opened the door to your heart.  The seconds pass as your mind wanders through the ages.  Who could it be?  Is there one soul for every person?  Have I missed it?  The stars do not need aligned to tell me the future.  I don’t need advice.  I need someone to grab the strings of my heart and play a chord that only my ears can hear.  Someone who fulfills dreams with full sincerity, not just words.  I could fly; I could soar through the sky, weaving between stars then crashing to my bittersweet end.

What if there is no perfect soul?  Are the rest of my tomorrows spent as I’ve always envisioned?  I could travel past days in a cloud of dust just to see who you are.  You may not see me, but I feel you.  You caress my face with your soft hands and hold me in a way that’s never been done.  Each brush of your skin brings back memories of a time in which I dreamt.  Your words may not be spoken, yet they embrace my mind.  Sinking into my eyes, I see the truest part of you.

Once again I can look into the night sky.  I am no longer dreaming.  You have existed at one time.  I will cherish every minute while I say goodbye.  My journey continues to where my heart belongs.  I will sit in Paris.  I will remember who you were.  And I will print the words that you’ve burned on to my lips.  You will not be forgotten, even the days that I didn’t believe you were real.  There’s no reason to long for me.  I am happy.  I will be.  In the place where I can embrace who I truly am.  In a place surrounded by antique windows and opaque walls.  The attic of my mind will be locked.  Tucked deep inside, I will keep you safe.  For you may not know that I’ve existed, yet you were mine.