Your eyes are the ocean in which I drown every night.  Reaching for my next breath I’m unable to stay conscious.  Lost in your world, I will never belong for you are the enigma to my life.  Blue waves crash through my body.  It’s easy for others to assume they know me.  Yet you are the one who can see my transparency.

The sea takes ahold of him, they are one.  Trying desperately to pull me into their chaos I surrender to what may come.  Never knowing of what tomorrow will bring, I’m scared of you.  From the moment I let you in, I have been surrounded by a shelter that only I can feel.  You are not mine.  By submission, our lives have come together in a way that is indescribable to the naked mind.  Most see two souls lost, while we see two beings seeking to be found.

Is there a happy ending to our shipwreck?  I’m not optimistic.  I find no reason to believe that you will be here when I wake.  Leaving is what we do.  It’s what I do.  I’ve thought of you endlessly.  About the days spent in glory.  The days where we become an entity all our own.

For now, we shall say goodbye.  I release the grasp that you’ve had on my heart.  Wishing you farewell, the sadness overwhelms my eyes.  Your ocean tide washes away all remnants of what we were as you sink back to where you belong.

I’ll be okay.  I see that tomorrow brings sorrow, yet that pain is what lays the brick to my wall of security.  What we once were, I am now free.  You will never see the scars that you created and you will never read the words carved into my soul.