It’s dark inside.

Looking into your eyes I see a river that flows beyond my dreams.  I am a whirlwind.  I close in on the things in which I should not, for reasons unbeknownst to me.  There is a darkness that fuels my blood and seeps into my veins.  A fire is lit to bare my being to those unworthy of my mind.

At which point I cringe.  I break and bleed.  I hold a lantern in a tunnel of pure honesty.  Not an ounce of pity sits on my lips.  I write more and speak less.  Shielding myself from those who could scar me.  I flip through images to see true love in your eyes.  Blinking to envision the last time I saw such lust in a soul.  No, it is not mine.  It never was.  I’ve guarded my heart from moments.  There was a flash of time that would have allowed me to relax enough to accept it.  Those days are lost.  You see, I’ve built a wall.  One that will never be broken, never be scorned.  This allows me to glide along without being seen.  Hiding myself in a billowing flame.  With longing in my throat, I have words that itch to be spoken and nerves that burn to let go.

I drop it all.  No longer can this go on.  Never again will I see what you were meant to be.  The bricks that were laid into castle walls were there to guard some, yet bury others.  I am the other.  A wallowing blackness that swallows you whole.  Leads you down a rocky path to places unknown.  I hope you see now that happiness does not live in the arms of fog.  For you were meant for greatness, not sadness.  Move past the mountains, into the light.  Allow yourself to find the one who enlightens your mind and frees your soul.  Break away from the walls that hold you down.  I believe in you as much as it pains me to see you go.



  1. ksbeth on November 18, 2017 at 7:06 am