The Mama Chronicles: new house

Finally moving day has come!  Our construction site has blossomed into a beautiful brick home that I will adore for many years ahead.  The excitement screeches to a halt when the realization of moving reaches our kids.  Picture this:

Packed moving boxes litter your current residence in preparation for their final resting spot at the new house.  Constant drive by’s checking the status of the build are a vivid reminder that we’re  finally done moving!  This is it!  Our kids enjoy the sight of new friends in the neighborhood, which eases their minds a bit.. or so I had hoped.  It was no secret that this day was fast approaching and saying that our days were hectic would be an understatement, yet we made it.  Friends and family arrived the morning of the big move to help us.  It was exciting!  If you can imagine a kid getting his first set of Legos.. the anticipation had built just looking at the box.  Now the box is open and he can create!  That’s what this day was like for me.  The box was open and it was mine!  With two kids tagging along, we were on our way to permanent residence.  Let’s just say their excitement lasted as long as a piece of chewing gum.

All of this new stuff.. new rooms, new people, new school, new surroundings, etc.. had left our kids more uneasy than I expected.  We realized this rather quickly, but learning patience was the difficult part.  How could they be unhappy in this lovely house?  Seriously!  We put so much into making this house perfect for us that it almost didn’t feel reciprocal.  A selfish way to put it, I understand, yet initially I couldn’t process how hard this would be for the kids.  Several nights in the new house and it was taking a toll on me.  Ingrid had temper tantrums like no other!  Brixton just wanted to understand why we left his favorite house.  Then our dog, Max, decided that going to the bathroom outside was overrated and he shall do his business in front of the fireplace EVERY time we stepped out the door!  {insert sarcastic tone!}.  So, you see I underestimated this glorious time.  Of course I knew that any move would be challenging for the kids.  We’ve done this five times in six years.  What I didn’t foresee was that their ages play a major role in life changes of this magnitude.  Granted, we only moved a handful of miles away from our last place, that seems like a different continent to our tiny humans.

Nearing three weeks later, I think we’re approaching a common ground.  The dog still hates us and poo’s in the family room, but the kids are growing fond of the new space.  This is their first home in which they have a large play area in our finished basement.  It’s taken them a rather long time to get used to going downstairs to play AND keep the toys in their designated room, but baby steps, right?!

Ingrid’s tantrums of screaming, hitting and being utterly unbearable seem to be closing out more every day.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.. she’s still feisty and pushes my buttons every day with her strong-willed personality, yet she’s growing to love this change.  I think!

Brixton gets it better than anyone else.  He loves his new bedroom.  Although it has yet to be painted to his color choice, he’s had no problem sleeping in his room.  That kid.. ❤️. He’s amazing.  He can take any kind of situation and make it something positive.  He misses some of his friends, yet makes new ones every chance he gets.

I can’t complain.  This move has been fun, complicated, and amazing all in one.  We’ve met such great people in this process and I don’t regret one thing about it.  Now that it’s over, I can breathe (except in the family room.. it stinks in there!).

Back to work on my book and talking to you more often!  Goodness, I have missed my time.  My chance to create and write!

I should probably get some sleep.  Until next time!