As I was growing up, I was taught certain things that I’ve carried through my life.  Although I was raised in a Christian household, not everything pertained to our religious upbringing.  Many of the things I’m referring to are not about religion, or even politics.  It’s about understanding right from wrong.

I’m raising my kids to understand a few key points that I feel strongly about.

1. Treat others how you want them to treat you!  To me, this is obvious.  How would you feel if someone was treating you badly or doing so to someone you loved?  My children are learning this is a no-brainer.  We treat others with kindness and respect.  It’s that simple.

2. Respect.  Need I say more?  I mean, seriously, how can anyone make it in this life successfully by not tossing out respect like glitter?!  (Love saying that!!). It goes hand in hand with #1.  You get what you give.

3.  Pray.  This part is about religion, but hear me out.  There has never been a situation in my life, good or bad, in which prayer didn’t play a huge part.  I am thankful for all that my life has held and I understand that this life is just a stepping stone to what my eternity will be.  While I’m here, I’m going to make the most of it.. and, hopefully, I can brighten someone else’s day while I’m at it.

4.  Education.  It’s a never-ending journey that will enrich our lives until the day we die.  The old saying of “learn something new everyday”.. yeah, that!  We’re never too old to expand our education.  If my kids hold on to nothing else that I say, I hope this is one.  Being open to educating one’s self is a major leap into a more enriched life.
I’m not Parent of the Year, yet I think I’ve grown to be an okay person and my kids are on the path to an amazing future.

Today’s horrific events in Las Vegas have me stunned.  I’ll never understand how anyone can destroy lives with such ease.  Simply incomprehensible.  I pray for you Vegas, the family and friends, and the strength to make it through many tomorrows.  ❤️

Hold your family tight.  No matter what we’re taught as children, we as adults have two choices… good or evil.

I choose good.  ❤️