A tender heart.

* Disclaimer..  although this post is about moving past the terror​ and enjoying life, do not misunderstand my stance on taking a firm stance against it.  Love can conquer all, yet I am not naive.  I know there is a bigger picture here, but tonight I’m trying to lighten my heart for my child’s sake.
I just held my five-year old son as he cried.  He overheard me talking to my husband about last night’s tragedy in London.  Sadly, this reality is darkly affecting our kids.  A black cloud which they do not understand looms over them.  This is something I was not exposed to as a child and will do all I can to shield him from here on.

Politics aside, we are at a breaking point.  How much longer do we, as a society, live in fear?  It took me a long time to realize that living in fear is exactly what they want.  If you’ve been following me, you know that I dream of the day I can breathe in the scent of Paris.  To live among the locals and enjoy every second.  After an attack in Paris last year, my heart hurt.  The city that I have always dreamed of one day calling home was now the scene of complete terror.  This absolutely drained my dream.  I no longer wanted to be in Paris.  As much as I hated the thought of forgetting everything that I’ve always wanted, I feared that my dream would be crushed if I kept it going.  So I stopped.  Just like that I made the decision to no longer want to live out my life long dream.  I knew there were so many other places in the world that could fill that void and I would have to settle for them.  This is exactly what I did.

The dream of a multi country vacation has made its way back into my heart and this time there’s a new fire inside.  I can’t live in fear.  None of us can.  We are put on this Earth to enjoy our lives as much as possible, to make a positive difference while here and to be the change that’s necessary for the generations after us.  Now that I’m a mom, I do fear more than ever before, but that isn’t going to stop our lives.  We are going to thrive!  We are going to explore!  We are going to defeat!!

I’m so tired of the sick mindset that destruction is key.  No!  It’s not.  And if that’s the truest feeling in your soul, then by all means.. take yourself.  For those of us who cherish life and all its splendor, LEAVE US ALONE!!  This isn’t about politics.  I’m not pushing for one side or the other.  I’m cheering on humanity.  I’m rooting for the people who see good in the world and want to make our tomorrow better than today.  Those are the people who deserve our attention.  My kids and your’s should be taught that love can conquer all.  I pray that your hearts are tender, like that of my son.  Let’s not put the ugliness on repeat.

World, you are loved.  You are not alone.  ❤️