The Mama Chronicles: Potty training, Part 2

Ahh, the adventures of potty training.  If you have kids, you can feel our excitement.  It’s so funny to think about..  it’s two-fold.  Not only does this mean our kid is growing up, but what it really means is that we’re saving money!  Who wants to spend a large number of dollars on diapers and wipes that are literally poo’d in?!  I mean, I’d much rather spend that cash on something like a trip to Disney World!

Ingrid is at the stage in her life (or maybe it’s more for me!) when potty training is a great idea.  Trust me when I say she does not feel the same.  If there is one person in the world who has less interest in going on the potty, it’s this girl!  She is not feeling it.  At all!! Now I know the process is going to be different from when our son decided diapers/pull-ups weren’t cool any longer, yet I can’t seem to get her on the same page.  We try to make it an exciting process by saying things like she’s a big girl now or that she can get a treat (Ya know, because bribery is a parents’ best friend, especially when potty training! Ha!)  This isn’t supposed to be a humbling experience for anyone involved.  It’s a do or die process.  If the beautiful little joy that you’ve grown and nurtured decides that you’re worthy of her toilet experience, then you’re set.  But if that little prince or princess feels that you’re not, well then, break out the big bribes, parents.  There has to be a breaking point, right?

Last summer my husband and I purchased the cutest printed training pants for Ingrid with the hopes that she would be excited about trying something new.  Not only did the smallest size sold in the store not fit her tiny frame, but she was anything but impressed.  We tried time and time again to get her to wear the starry night pull-ups, all while sitting on her tiny portable potty chair almost every hour.  This fun routine went on for a few days, until she finally said NO MORE!  Her interest was not there, never was, and now she was completely over entertaining her parents.  So, what do we do next?  We buy her a toy.  Yes, we stooped to a new low and fell prey to the parent bribery trap.  At that very moment, it seemed that we were winning.  She had agreed to be a big girl and go on the potty.  New toy in hand, she sat on her tiny seat to potty.  What happened next will likely not surprise you.  Nothing.  Nothing happened.  She refused to go potty.  Pulling the wool over the parent’s eyes, the kid fooled us.  We had such high hopes of having both kids out of diapers, yet she had other plans.  Apparently, her plans included a new toy!

Here we are many months later about to make another attempt at potty training.  As you know, we have many friends in the DS community.  Although we choose not to do things differently than most parents of special needs kiddos, we will always ask their advice when necessary.  These other parents have been in our shoes in one way or another and we value their word.  Anyhow, I asked a few other parents about how they got their kiddos potty trained.  As much as I thought I would be that hard-core parent, I am not.  I see now that my kids have me wrapped around their fingers and I am losing the battle of having kids who are textbook awesome.  Instead my kids are little dictators.  Wow, actually saying that out loud really puts it into perspective.  HA!  I have to laugh at that because it’s not entirely true, yet really funny to say it that way.  They are opinionated, strong-willed and stubborn.  Traits that I am so glad they have.  I’ll likely be more appreciative of said traits when they’re older and no longer living in my house, but for now I’ll go with it.  They’re adorable so that makes it all better.

So, back to potty training.  Our dear friends did something that I’m going to give a try.  Potty training boot camp.  As harsh as it sounds, I have complete faith that this will be the light bulb monent when Ingrid decides that it’s worth a go.  Not sure I’m completely prepared for the impending work, but with summer around the corner, I hope Ingrid agrees.  That bag of trendy starry night pull-ups is still waiting to be worn.  I imagine I should invest in some obnoxiously princessy big girl undies to push along with our master plan.  Wish us well because only one of us can win this battle..  it’s either me or Ingrid!  She may come out of this with some new toys, a lot of croissants (her favorite food) and laughing all the way or we’ll have a little big girl with lots of toys and potty trained!!  Either way.. pray for us!  All of you parents out there can feel my displeasure of potty training.