We Shape the World.

As I sit in my office, the house is quiet, and I wonder where to begin.  It isn’t uncommon that my mind is racing with all that I want to talk about on any particular post, yet today is different.  My planned topic for today is going to have to wait.  I feel compelled to talk about something with more depth.

In light of recent tragic events, I will not discuss politics or gun control.  But I want to touch on something like this:  Us.  Humanity as a whole.  Why are we such a judgemental group that we are willing to destroy someone or something else, just because we don’t feel it’s importance?!  We do not and will not always agree, but is it our place to degrade (or worse) those who are different from us?  I feel this is absolutely disgusting.  I have strong opinions, as does everyone, but I would never harm another living being based on any belief or feeling.  There is so much wrong in this world.  So much hurt.  I try to see it from a different prospective, than just personal opinion.  As you know, we have a daughter with Down Syndrome.  She was born a blessing to our family and we are raising her to see beyond her diagnosis.  She is an intelligent, beautiful person that has goals, ambition, and can conquer anything she puts her mind to.  I will never let anyone tell her otherwise.   It is no secret that she is different than you or me.  She learns at a slower pace, one that is perfect for her.  She understands differently than I do.  But she is no less human than me.  We, her parents, will never allow her to feel sorry for herself.  The world is here for us to make better; to shine our light wherever possible; to show those less positive that a kind heart is the only way to be.  I will not allow her to feel your hurt.  She will have her own.  We teach our children peace, not anger.  Being a parent is hard.  Being human is hard.  But if that were your child hurt by a horrific, senseless act of violence.. what would you do?  Would you change your views?  Would you accept that no one is the same, but that doesn’t make us wrong..?!  Would you allow the next generation to believe that violence really IS the answer?  I won’t.

When I said we teach our kids peace, I mean this..  my kids are no different from your’s.  They are rotten at times, they argue over silly things, they play, they laugh and they drive us crazy from time to time.  They are not perfect by society’s standards.  They are kind-hearted, fun-loving, brilliant, sweet, resilient beings with hearts of sincerity and love.  Because that is how we choose to raise them.  When Ingrid was born, we brushed aside the fact that she has Down Syndrome.  Not because we were ashamed or scared, but because she was a baby.  She was healthy and perfect, and we didn’t want to make it something that led her life.. or our son’s.  Yes, he has a sister who is different.  Different is good!  It is welcomed in our family.  Every one of us has a different personality.  We accept that.  Our son, Brixton knows that his little sister is not like him.  He understands that she is smaller and doesn’t quite talk clearly.  He knows that she requires more attention at times.  Yet, he loves her none-the-less.  He cheers her on at her accomplishments and brags to strangers about his “baby”.  They are tender children because that is how we want to unleash them on the world when they are adults.

Don’t you see..  we are raising our kids to hate and fear and differentiate.  The world is full  of religions, nationalities, abilities and dreams.  I fear that several years from now it will be easier to hurt others than it already is.  I’m not naive.  I understand that bad people exist.  And I know that so many of them will go to extremes to accomplish their hurt.   I stand strong in this..  I pray that my kids never grow to feel that.  That they never have that passion to hurt another human.  That their loving souls will be the light of love and spread it across their lives.  I am not a perfect parent.  Believe me, I have made mistakes that I hope to forget about, but I can go to bed at night assured that my family knows I love them.   A few years ago, Brixton called me weird.  I laughed because he’s right.  I am weird.  We all are.  I have many tattoos adorning my body.  I’m not a typical mom.  I don’t implement a strict schedule.  I am unlike other parents.  My kids are happy.  They are loved.  We have told them that everyone is weird in their own way, and it’s okay!  There are no two people alike, so embrace it!  Enjoy the friends you’ve made, for you may never find anyone as perfect as them again.  This is what I want them to remember as they grow.  Their friends may practice a different religion, or none at all, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.  We are here to enjoy our existence.  Let’s thrive knowing that we have the ability to make this world a beautiful place.

My heart is sad for anyone involved in the recent tragic events.  I pray for peace for you and your loved ones.  I can not imagine how you are feeling, but I do hope you can see outside the darkness.  There is light and it can shine on in the name of those lost.  We are remaining to tell their story, in a positive way.  I don’t have answers.  I will never understand why such tragedy occurs.  Yet I feel confident that I will never be the reason of it.  There is peace, love and understanding in this world.  We just have to reach for it.  If we put that at the forefront of our lives, maybe we, as a whole, can live in love.

Until next time..