my life as a movie.

It may be considered a fault if mine, but I’m quite the fan of romantic comedies.  Not that I dream of the fairytale life of a movie character or marrying royalty.  I’ll write it up to feeling that I have a heart of sentiment and full of thoughtfulness; of which I have neither.  For anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a soft & cuddly person.  Which could explain my fondness of the fairytale.  I like to think that any dream can be a reality, given the right amount of passion.  That is something I’m learning daily.

It’s funny how our lives change from what we think we want as kids or teenagers to what we make of it as adults.  For many years having kids didn’t seem like a reality for me.  Then, without expectation, I found the right husband and came home with, not one, but two vacation souvenirs!  It really was all about timing.  I worked in a medical setting for several years.  My heart was never into what I was doing..  it was just a job that provided a decent paycheck.  When I decided to go to college at age 29, I went straight into Pre-Med.  There was thought behind the decision; a good career making a good income to provide for whatever my future held.  Yet, it lacked passion.  After one semester, I changed my major to Speech Pathology.  I would have the ability to work with children and making their lives a bit easier.  Seemed like a win-win solution.  Another semester down and I still couldn’t imagine my life in this field.  Shortly after, I was married and had our son, Brixton.  My husband had pushed for me to follow my dreams and listen to my heart.  My heart was not in this career path that I had been doing, so with his encouragement, I moved on to do what I loved; writing.

For many years, I had reserved to the idea that settling for anything wasn’t that bad, but a part of life.  Sometimes you have to settle for the less-than-perfect life, situation, relationship, etc.  Luckily, I know now that with the right amount of focus and determination, settling doesn’t have to be the only option.  We should never settle for any relationship that is less than perfect for us; or any job that we are miserable in.  We have the power to change the way we live and see the world.  Yes, the world is a scary place, but it’s also the most fascinating thing about our lives.  Without the adventure, we live the most mundane days.  I want to strive for adventure.  As of now, I haven’t been outside the
US and that’s okay.  One day I will.  My heart is calling to go and I will.

I have so many things I want to accomplish.  Not only long-term, but also, day-to-day.  My husband and I plan to buy our first home together soon.  I want an amazing home office space.  My husband wants a large yard that requires a John Deere tractor.  Okay, that part is not my goal, but I include his because he’s part of my team.  I want to have my writings published and be able to do what I love for a living.   I want to be able to provide some financial support to our family that comes from doing what I love and enjoy.  Last year, I began a boutique (Chloe + Isabel) online and in-person.  I love it.  I have the opportunity to work from home, while making my own schedule to ensure that I am available to my family as much as possible.  These two things are what make me, me!  I love writing and I love fashion.  (I know, I know.. mamahood has taken ahold of my fashion sense and dropped me into the leggings world..  but trust me when I say.. I’LL BE BACK!!)  Anyhow, fashion.  I love it.  I don’t need to follow trends to a T, but taking notes as to what looks good on me and what I’m comfortable with, that’s what I love.  Oh, and thinking outside the box.  Not everyone can pull-off the style of the season, but with a little tweaking, viola!  The same intent goes with writing.  My writing may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  That’s great because that means I have spoken through my truthful personality in writing.  I want it to be well received, but I have to bring my personality to you.  Without it, I wouldn’t be giving you my true self.

This is where the passion comes into play.  If we pursue our lives with the greatest amount of passion for what we do, it will radiate through us.  That’s what I want for my life.  Not only will it be evident that my life has true meaning that I feel wholeheartedly, yet my kids will see that anything is possible with the right mindset.  Seeing our hard work pay off is such an exhilarating feeling.  I can’t wait to see what our future holds.  In the community that I’ve become part of with my boutique, I am surrounded by the most amazing women and men.  I have come to realize that life may be a competition, but a friendly one is much more fun.  Being successful in life is about being raised up by your friends/family/coworkers/acquaintances, not torn down.  There is no reason for negativity.  I understand that being negative is easier than being positive, but in the end, where does it land us..  in misery.  There is no light in pushing others down.  Let’s be the supportive anchor that they may need.  I know I need it often.  Luckily, I have the some brilliant people who I know I can count on: personally and professionally.

I’m telling you all of this so that if you haven’t already found that fire inside of you, find it.  It has taken me so long to realize that I needed to grab it and run, but now that I have I’m not stopping!  You shouldn’t either.  This life was meant to be lived and lived well.  We all have something holding us back, telling us to do what is easiest, to let someone else live that dream, but I say no!  You have to do it, live it and enjoy it.  We hear it all the time.. tomorrow is not guaranteed.  So, why wait?  Do it today.  I know I am!

There is an incredible amount of encouragement in the world that wants  us to succeed in whatever it is that makes you special.


Take a deep breath and leap!

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