The Love Letter.

Every relationship begins with a story.  Some begin with love at first sight, while others grow over time.  Our story is one of unplanned meeting-falling quickly-loving hard.  Our marriage has been one adventure after another.  I’d love to say that every one has been fun, but that wouldn’t be true.  Every situation has been a learning experience, one that we do side by side.  We are not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other.

My husband and I are as different as possible.  We don’t like the same music or movies.  But we come together on just about everything else.  This isn’t to say that we agree on everything because we don’t, but we’ve learned throughout our lives that not everything needs to be dramatic or argued about.  Speaking an opinion is easy, listening and valuing the other person’s side is appreciated.  Things such as this will make for a lasting marriage.  I’m not a relationship expert by any means.  Trust me, I’m completely aware of my faults.  But I believe that my upbringing has shown me the side of love that should prevail in a relationship to make it work.  There are so many reasons why two people of opposite personalities can keep it together.  One is compassion.  Without it there is no understanding.  Without understanding there is no compromise.  Without compromise there is no love.  All of these are assets in any relationship.

My husband and I have created a life for our family that is based on love.  We don’t have parenting perfected, but we do have teamwork down.  Again, I don’t claim to be an expert, but we know what works for us.  We are willing to learn every day.  There is no perfect partner or parent, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the challenge together.

To my husband:

I love you.  You are the most caring husband, father, and friend.  When we met I didn’t expect to have a life partner, especially one who is as willing to let me challenge you as you are.  My heart full of adventure contrasts your more conservative personality, but you go with the flow like no other.  I appreciate you.  I cherish the moments we spend together.  I watch you interact with our son and I’m blessed to have a father show such attention to him.  I see you play with our daughter and I melt.  Your tenderness is that of a heart that’s proud.  You are astonishing.  We thank you for all you do and all you sacrifice for our family.

Our story continues.  We have more adventures ahead of us and I look forward to sharing them with you!