Leap day.

If you’re like me Leap day never really meant much.  Obviously, it’s an extra day to the month of February, but it never played any significance to me.  Each day I count my blessings and try very hard to remember the important things, but today was different.
Actually, today was great!

I started out this morning with high expectations of chores needing done.  I ended the day with no chores done (not one!) and a whole lot of positivity in my veins!  Sound contrary?  Possibly.  Usually when I have a plan I can almost guarantee it’ll never work out.  Sometimes I get frustrated, while other times I can roll along with “plan b”.  Today was just that.  Tossing my day among working my boutique from home, making a deal for a new car, kiddos, and keeping my sanity, I can say this:  we won!!  The day wasn’t just about one positive thing or another.. it was about perception.  I was completely off track with a very busy week ahead, but I’m learning to keep my head high and glide through. 

I woke up!  Check.
I’m healthy!  Check.
I have a beautiful family, loving husband and 2 amazing kids!  Check.

It’s so easy to throw down all of the negatives when our days don’t happen as we think they should.  But, just as we’re embracing this and teaching our kids…  if you woke up today, that’s a point for you!  That means God has a plan for you!  You can find the good, even the smallest amount, in any day.

I hope your Leap day was as awesome as mine.  You deserve it!!

Excuse the short post, but its getting late.  Let’s talk again soon!!