Changing the Face of Beauty Fundraiser


Hey friends!

If you didn’t see it before, check it out now!  I’m holding a fundraiser for Changing the Face of Beauty.  50% of my commission is going to support their mission.

If you don’t know what that is, let me tell you..  Changing the Face of Beauty is an organization that has set out to encourage integration of models with disabilities in advertising & media.  They are a movement, like many others, that needs our support.  If you believe in what they are trying to do, please help!!

Many of you know, our daughter, Ingrid, has Down Syndrome.  She is a spectacular little girl who will undoubtedly conquer the world as she wishes!!

Help me help them!  Everyone wins.  When you purchase from my boutique, you get exceptionally crafted jewelry (that has a lifetime guarantee!) for yourself, plus you can support a fantastic cause!


black deco necklace