3:00am on repeat.

It’s no surprise that I am awake at this unreasonable time of day.  My outgrown co-sleeper, happy-to-be-in-his-own-bed son has recently been climbing into our bed in the middle of each night.  Also, Ingrid, who never wanted to co-sleep has taken a semi-perminate spot between my husband and I.

Since there is a quick limit to how any people can comfortably fit on a queen size bed, tonight’s challenge is proving difficult, thus I am awake & talking to you!  On a “normal” night, Brixton will come to my bedside and ask to sleep with us.  My reaction is to grab a pillow and walk him back to his room , where he & I fall asleep together.  Ingrid, however, is a toss-up.  We have some nights that she’ll make a little rustle in her crib, but not awaken herself.  That’s not tonight.  Due to tonight’s position of 3 people versus a queen size bed before Ingrid had decided sleep is over-rated, I spent 30+ minutes attempting to rock her to sleep..only to have her awake as soon as I laid her down in her crib.  All of this brings me to now.

When preparing a blog post, I have my topic in mind and just about the entire opening paragraph.  I had worked on this one for a few weeks, yet didn’t want to admit it.  My babies are growing up.  Brixton rarely wants held at bedtime.  Now Ingrid has taken the same sad turn.  Yes, I know, it’s all part of the cycle of life, but, honestly, I had hoped it skipped my kids.

Here’s my remedy.  Let’s have another baby.  Yeah, that’s a great idea!  Well, it seemed so for about a minute.  My husband was very quick to squash that idea…and reality moved back in.  I never enjoyed being pregnant.  Plus, I’ve been absolutely content with my two little beauties.  Okay, so, baby #3 isn’t going to happen.  I know what you’re thinking…this lady doesn’t get it.. all kids grow up.  I know that.  No worries, it was a glimmer of insanity on my behalf.   Let me add this.. my husband’s job would make “making” that said baby #3 extremely difficult.  Just saying.

To conquer any early empty nest feelings of despair, I’ll just talk to you!  Hey, if nothing else, you get a chuckle!

The hubby is out of bed, heading to work now, so I’m off to catch those lovely zzz’s.  I hope.

Goodnight all.  Or good morning.  Or good afternoon.  Whatever.  Have a good something!!!