I am that mom.

As you all know, our Ingrid was blessed with Down Syndrome.  She has surpassed all the problems that we were told came with her diagnosis.  My husband and I have worked very closely with her cardiologist in Arizona until we moved to the east coast.

Once we were settled after our move, we began the search for new doctors.  I’m not one that finds comfort in just any doctor.  So, when we were preparing to move we asked the advice of her, then, cardiologist to help us find the best possible replacement.  He did so and we felt good about his recommendation.  Until we actually met her.

Sadly, this doctor was recommended based on her lengthy list of qualifications and accomplishments.  She seemed like a perfect fit for our little girl.  When the doctor entered the room, I was surprised to find out that she had sent someone else to do the ‘new patient’ rundown.  There was no thorough check of Ingrid and no request for previous records (from ANY doctor).  She was simply shrugged off as a patient with an insignificant heart ailment.

If you don’t know me, well, I wasn’t about to let this go.  We left the appointment feeling very unhappy with the quality of care given, so, after a few days of pondering, I called the cardiologist in Arizona.  Luckily, they agreed to continue to care for Ingrid even though we lived so far away.

We had a planned trip back to AZ for a family wedding and the office was able to schedule a follow-up while we were in the area.  Here’s where the story gets good.  After a proper exam (and echo) her wonderful cardiologist informed us that the hole in Ingrid’s heart had decreased drastically!!  There would be no reason to worry, take abnormal precautions, or anything… she was healthy!

This is excellent news for our family.  As she will still visit him once yearly, she is basically cleared of any problems.  I can’t explain how happy we are.  We are truly blessed.

I’m so glad we took the step to get a second opinion.  It was a load of worry lifted from our shoulders.  Her doctor had seen her since birth and our family valued his care and opinion.  So glad we did.

Have a great weekend!!