a tidal wave of adventure!

So much has happened lately.  Something that I had never expected.
As I’m floating around on the internet one day, I came across a potential opportunity.  It was to start a small business with little limits and tons of possibilities.  I inquired immediately.
I’m so glad I did.  My world has taken a turn.  I’ve become a small business owner as part of the Chloe & Isabel brand.

Today was exciting as I received my first shipment of wondrous goodies.  John and I were out to breakfast when the delivery came.  I couldn’t wait to get home to tear into the box.  My mom, who was watching the kids, was *patiently* waiting our return.  As soon as we got home, I kissed the kids and grabbed some scissors.  My mom was one step behind me…can you tell she was just as excited as I was?!

Once we unwrapped all of the jewelry, we carefully setup the new display.  It is such an exciting time..  as if we have nothing else going on in our lives, I suddenly throw our family into a business, of which we never planned, yet are extremely stoked to be part of!

The day I received the call to fill me in on all of the business aspects of what I was jumping into, I missed John’s daily lunchtime phone call.  Later I had to explain why, and that I started a small business before discussing it with him.

Our family has a tremendous support system of family and friends.  But I can honestly say that my husband is one of the best!  If I wanted to stand along the street wearing a kangaroo suit and roller skates whole selling cupcakes, he would probably be making the flyers to advertise my new adventure.  He is truly great at pushing me right along in anything I can come up with…within reason.  😉

I can’t say enough to express how grateful I am.  I’m surrounded by terrific people and am venturing down a new, exciting path.
Thanks to all who support me.  ♡

If you’re wondering what my new business is all about, feel free to check out my online boutique.